Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stump the Bookseller
Teresa and I have been trying to find a children's book that was her absolute favorite when she was little. We checked the book out from the library in Davis, CA in the late 1980's. Both Teresa and I have purchased a few used children's books on-line in the past year or two in hopes of finding this famous (to us) book, but we haven't been successful. We have added a few cute children's books to our collection, but so far none have been the particular book we are looking for. It was a wordless picture book about a little dog that would blow up a balloon at different times in the story. Teresa LOVED that part when she was little and blew up an imaginary balloon with me whenever we "read" the story together. Teresa was a very easy going toddler, I only remember her having two public tantrums - one over broccoli in the grocery story (she was very upset that I wasn't buying broccoli....not candy or a toy or anything like that, she wanted BROCCOLI!) and another time in the library when we had to return this children's book about the balloon inflating dog.

I recently found this unique web site that specializes in helping people remember a title and author of a children's book from their past:
I am always amazed that you can find just about anything on the web! So I submitted my search to the web master and am hoping someone somewhere will know the title of this wonderful little book and will reply so that Teresa and I can find and buy a copy of our own.

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