Friday, October 03, 2008

The Big E Results
I am happy to say that my fiber entries at the Eastern States Expo won some ribbons!

I was able to spin a 3 ply alpaca before the entry deadline and it won the Champion ribbon for the camilid category. Very exciting for me! The other skeins I entered won a few ribbons, too. I liked reading the judge's comments
Big E results:

2 ply Romney wool; 2nd place
"A very judicious twist for the fiber. Gives it body and bounce, plus softness. Not the thinnest yarn, but great for sweaters. Good Job!"

2 ply blend 67% merino, 33% German Shepherd Dog fur; 1st place
" I couldn't believe German Shepherd Dog could look and feel so good! This reminds me of yak or bison. Beautifully blended and spun."

2 ply blend 60% Coopworth Hoggett, 20% Shetland Hoggett, plus silk, angora , and angelina; 1st place
"Very well blended and spun. Just the right amount of sparkle, not too much."

2 ply mixed yarn, one ply German Shepherd Dog fur (from Monroe), one ply angora rabbit; 1st place
"Amazingly fine. fibers well matched."

1 ply Mohair; 1st place
"I don't know how you get your singles so well-balanced"

3 ply alpaca; 1st place and Champion Camilid;
"Amazing again! Looks very professional. A good weight, very balanced. Practically Perfect."

My "Midnight Surfer" hand spun hand knit scarf also won a 1st place ribbon.

"A beautiful Combination of great spinning and great knitting. The elongated stitch pattern is very effective for your striping hand-spun."

And last but not least, the lined mittens I knit with millspun yarns placed 4th. (This is my own pattern. It printed in the Summer 2008 issue of Spin-Off magazine, p. 76.)
"Plain but very functional and well made. I love the lining!"

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