Friday, November 01, 2013

Fall Color

While photographing the tree in our yard during September and October for the Autumn Changes post, I clicked a few extra pictures of some of the other trees in the yard.  The photos don't capture the full beauty of the season, but it does help me remember the wonderful colors.  This time of the year always reminds me of the little mouse, Fredrick, in Leo Lionni's children's book.  Fredrick likes to save
color memories to help get thru the winter. 

Monroe is my companion on my outdoor Autumn excursions.  She is mostly interested in the leaves that have fallen to the ground.  Many of the leaves that touched chattering squirrels in the trees this summer, fall to the ground and become available for monroe's full investigation in Autumn.  Sniffing around can hold her interest for many hours.  I wish I knew what information she was collecting.

And here are a few of our random yard photos, in no particular order:

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