Monday, November 25, 2013


I saw a buck in the yard this afternoon.  We often see female white tail deer and their fawns in our yard, but this is the first time I have seen a buck.    I photographed him from inside the house in my attempt to not scare him away.  Monroe surprised me by not barking at him, though she did pace a bit and whine as she watched him through the glass sliding door.  Despite open hunting season, and the government managed property where hunting is allowed bordering our property just 10 or 20 feet behind this buck, he didn't seem very concerned about odd noises coming from the house.  I wonder if he will make it through the hunting season.  

I took a short video clip, too.  The sniffing sound heard on the video is Monroe as she finds the scent of another dog on my clothes.  She seemed more interested in that than in the deer in yard.  Earlier this morning Monroe chased a doe out of our yard.  Perhaps she was still recovering from that expenditure of energy for the rest of the day and had no interest in straining her muscles for a second chase.

November 25, 2013

There were two little fawns that started visiting our yard in the spring.  They were in the yard again today and It looks like one of them is a boy.  He has little nubs on his head where his antlers are starting to grow.

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Risa said...

Wow. What a handsome guy. Too bad you couldn't put an orange vest on him to make huntes think he is a cow.