Tuesday, May 07, 2013


I have been interested in stitching Japanese Temari thread balls lately.  Not that I need another fiber hobbie - but the beauty and symmetry of the Temari caught my eye and I had to try and make a few.  My angles are not as clean as I would like, but if I don't look too close, I think they are pretty.  Temari are wrapped thread balls that are divided into sections, marked by pins, then wrapped with a metallic or other thread.  The repeating designs are stitched onto the marked sections in coordinating colors.  Once complete the pins are removed.  The metallic dividing thread is typically left on the ball.

Here are a few of my Temari thread balls in the beginning stages.  Inside a few of them I placed small bells so that the balls will make a pleasant sound when handled.

For more information on Temari:

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