Thursday, September 27, 2012


Selling our first home in December was a bit sad.  I look at our old pictures now of that house and I think it looks much prettier than what I remember when we lived there.  How can that be??  I guess when I was there I spent so much time thinking about what needed to be done and planning how to get it done and then getting it done that I didn't sit and admire much of it when it was done.  The garden had so much color and love in it and many good memories of friends and family.  The extra work we put into the house before placing it on the market - replacing old carpet with new hardwood floors, painting walls, etc.,  really made it a beautiful home inside and out.   There are some things that I won't miss about our old neighborhood, but mostly, it was a good place to live.  The big lesson for me is to take a break when looking back and then planning forward and looking back again --- don't forget to look at the NOW.

So goodbye to our house near the beach:

And hello to our little house in the big woods:
Our back yard doesn't have grass (or top soil...) and there are many things that really need to be done.  We moved here in June and it is fall already and the leaves are beginning to turn.  I'm trying to enjoy the season and accept things as they are and not worry.  Monroe already knows how to do that, she loves the autumn time.  For her it is a wonderful time of the year.

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