Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Garden Blues

The perennials in my garden begin to bloom in May. The first wave of color is mostly blue followed by pink in June and yellow by July. I didn't plan for that color performance; I didn't plan the garden very well at all if the truth be told. But the display of color is exciting to see every year. The new placement of some of the bi-annuals that grew from last years flowers after they went to seed is always a fun thing to see. What will the garden look like this year? I never really know until the garden decides to tell me. My garden grows with a certain amount of neglect - more some years than others. Being somewhat independent from the gardener gives the garden a chance to shine a little in it's own way, I like that. 

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Anonymous said...

Irises! Columbine! Violas! some of my favorites ~ isn't it delightful how the perennial bed suprises you anew each year :) ~ Maryann