Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Awakening

The blossoms on the little Dogwood tree in the front yard first began to open on May 15th. I didn't recognize them as flowers at first because they were yellow in color and had very pointed leaves. But over the course of the week they have opened and grown into beautiful white flowers. I love seeing this little tree through the front window. I call it Shasta's tree and it gives me a sense of happiness in my heart to think of him when I see the tree. I still feel the sadness of his absence, but some of the joyful memories of the years we spent together are beginning to fill the deep void in my heart.  I watched this little tree stand alone thru several snow and ice storms this winter.  Now it is in full bloom.  It's such a pretty tree and it's blooming  has been a part of a small awakening in me.

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Anonymous said...

.. I do love dogwoods. my "oriental" will put on quite a show in a few weeks (they bloom later than the native eastern) ... it was a seedling from under a large tree in Mom's yard. and then there are the Canadian Bunchberry .. low growing, groundcover "dogwoods" :) ~ m.