Monday, November 29, 2010

Seeing the Beauty

I have always loved fall colors.  They have been somewhat dull for me this year, however, without Shasta to share them with.  The cool crisp air that comes with autumn always made Shasta run around with joy and that was a big part of the beauty of the season for me.

We had an early season snowfall a few weeks ago and I thought winter had arrived and fall was going to be cut short this year - that I'd missed it.  The next few weeks turned out to be warmer, however.  The snow melted away and the trees continued to produce bright colors and the grass continued to grow.   In the front yard Shasta's little tree turned a wonderful color of red and I couldn't help but notice it's beauty.

In the backyard the sickly rose bush that I doubted would make it through the summer suddenly bloomed with a multitude of beautiful buds on stems with thick healthy green leaves.  I quickly counted 10 buds.  It's as if there was nothing and then overnight a burst of color.

I felt that I had been suddenly awakened to the beauty of the season.  I remembered a book from my childhood, Frederick by Leo Lionni.  Frederick was a little mouse that spent his time in the sunshine saving up images of seasonal beauty in his mind to share with and give comfort to his family during the cold winter months.  I feel I have been reminded of the importance of seeing the beauty around me, and like Fredrick - I will store that beauty in my mind.

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