Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monroe's Big Adventure

I've been trying to help Monroe remove some of her winter undercoat. As the weather warms she has a hard time in the heat with all her long black fur. She isn't a big fan of brushing, but she will tolerate it OK. The sun was shining and it was pleasant yesterday, so I took Miss Monroe outside to brush her out for a while.

The back yard is fenced, but the neighbor’s dogs like to fence fight with Monroe, so I took her to the front yard to avoid that craziness. I had Monroe on a long leash so that she could’t run out of the yard. She had other plans, however. A cat ran by, Monroe ran after the cat, the leash snapped, and before I could get up off the lawn Monroe was gone. And I do mean GONE. She ran off behind my neighbors house and from there I had no idea which way to she went. I spent the next panic filled 15 minutes (or a lifetime, I’m not sure which) running through the neighborhood looking for her.

I finally found a man walking her by the 18” piece of leash still attached to her collar and yelled to him “Hey! That’s mine!!” He laughed and when I caught up to him, he told me he found Monroe just sitting on his front porch. He was walking her to see if he could find where she lived. I’m guessing Monroe thought the man wouldn't brush her so much ?? Or maybe the food at his house smelled better than the food at home?? Monroe has been on a diet since we lost Shasta. We let Shasta eat anything he wanted after we learned he had cancer, food was one of his favorite things. Monroe got in on a bit of the food action, too. Here is a picture taken May 3rd of Shasta and Monroe begging for a bite of a popsicle from Art, (Shasta's favorite flavor was Lime, Monroe likes Strawberry).

Now that Shasta is gone, it’s time to find Monroe’s waistline again, and to reteach her to not beg for our food. I don’t think she sees the logic in any of that.

I’m just glad she is home safe, and I did give her a few pieces of cheese so she would know I still love her….

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