Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Birds

Earlier this month, while Shasta rested on the back porch, I noticed the forsythia bushes near the porch were quite overgrown. I decided to trim them back. My efforts nearly chopped up a Robin's nest. I stopped trimming just in time; the mother bird surprised me as she flew out of the nest when I got too close . I had cut back a lot of the bush by then though, and wasn't sure how upset the mother bird was. I wondered if she would come back, or if she did come back would she have enough protection from the weather now that the nest was so exposed. I decided to finish the rest of the trimming another day and after peaking at the three little blue eggs, decided to leave the nest alone and hope for the best.

On May 21st, I checked the nest again and learned all was well. I discovered three new baby Robins. A bit ugly, the way newborn things can be, but very much alive. The camera was a little confusing for them, they acted like it might feed them.
Over the next week I often saw the mother Robin rushing in and out of the nest to feed her little family. She found lots of worms and juicy bugs in our yard. I am pleased with her efforts and hope she will encourage other birds to eat at our house.

Today I checked again and found the three fledglings looking much better now that they have feathers. They are still very hungry. They would click their beaks impatiently at the camera, expecting food.

I'm glad I was not a home wrecker and that the Robins lived through my redecorating.

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