Saturday, January 09, 2010

Holiday Feast

We enjoy watching the annual winter banquet each year at the Winterberry bush in the front yard when it is visited and picked clean by the birds. This year it happened during the the holiday weekend. The red berries are left behind on the bush after the fall foliage is gone from the trees. The beautiful red color of the berries seem to brighten in contrast to the first snow each year. They must be a great find for the birds looking for food in the winter. Each winter after weeks of being on display, all the berries are rapidly devoured in a few hours from the bush by birds that flock to the branches to grab all they can eat. It is always fun to be at home when it happens. This year as a group of Robins looking for a winter meal landed and enjoyed their holiday feast, Art took a few pictures.

While a few birds eat at the bush,

the rest wait their turn in the trees across the street.
I like to watch the trade off for feeding time when the birds in the trees swoop down and land in the bush. It makes me wish I had a field of Winterberry bushes to offer.

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