Monday, February 01, 2010

Fiber Time
I have been spending time spinning fiber on my favorite drop spindle. I like it better than my wheel for spinning fine singles. I transfer the singles from my drop spindle to Louet bobbins and ply them on my S10 wheel.

Recently completed:

1) Louet Merino/silk roving (product # 12.8752-6, color fuchsia) purchased at Webs in Northampton, MA December 2009:

Fuchsia roving, singles and final 3 ply yarn (580 yd, 17 wpi, 1700 yd/lb) wrapped on cards:

2) 4 ply cabled yard (65 yd, 16 wpi, 1280 yd/lb,) made with left over Merino/silk fuchsia singles and white Tussah silk from roving purchased from Liberty Ridge Farms October 2004 at the New York State Sheep and Wool craft Fair in Rhinebeck, New York. :

Final skeins of the three ply fuchsia yarn and 4 ply cabled fuchsia and white silk yarn:

3) 2 ply (145 yd, 1300 yd/lb, 18 wpi) Alpaca and Angora blend; roving purchased from Cobble Rock Ridge Farm at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Fair in April 2009:

4) Merino/tussah spun from roving purchased from Clover Leaf Farms October 2008 at the New York State Sheep and Wool craft Fair ( 450 yd, 1700 yd/lb, 15 wpi):

Currently working on:

5) Amethyst Merino roving purchased from Webs in December 2009:

I fell in love with this roving and was in a hurry to make it into yarn. I tried spinning the roving on my Louet s10 wheel, but my rushed approach produced an uneven 2 ply yarn:

I purchased more roving and am trying to patiently spin thinner singles on a drop spindle. I would like to produce a smooth 4 ply cabled yarn.

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