Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monroe's Puppy Love Gloves
Summer 2008
Fall 2001

Monroe turned 7 years old last May, it's hard to believe how quickly our little puppy grew. As a long coated German Shepherd Dog, she has wonderfully soft fur. I like to brush her and spin her beautiful undercoat into yarn.
Dark gray yarn: 100% Monroe fur, 2 ply lace weight. White and gray yarn: 2 ply lace weight; 1 ply Monroe, 1 ply angora rabbit. Both skeins spun on a drop spindle.
This year I am trying to create a warm pair of gloves with Monroe's yarn. I tried two color knitting with a tan Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift yarn and a couple different Noro Kureyon Sock yarns.
Stage one:

Stage two:

Stage three:
I enjoyed the Noro Yarns and think the randomness of the colors are fun and spontaneous. I like some of the colors, though, better than others and think I would like to plan ahead where I want the colors to be in the gloves. I realized that in my search for the perfect yarn to use together with Monroe's, that I was drawn to the colors in her collar. I got her that collar because the pink, orange and purples in it look so nice on her. I don't know why I didn't think to start with those colors in the first place! In my quest to make the BEST Monroe Gloves, I am planning the next pair with a focus on her collar colors. For now, I am loving the gloves I have and enjoying them and all the wonderfulness of Monroe and her fur.


glenda said...

Oh how beautiful are those gloves. I have to start reading your blog right from the beginning. I am so in awe with what you are doing with your dog's hair and well...just love seeing the pictures of your shepherds. In the area where I live I don't know of anyone working with dog hair-what a shame!!! I hope I can change that.

Kary said...

WOW - those gloves are stunning - and so are your dogs! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the paw-print pattern.
Really beautiful gloves.
I have a longhair GSD, so I have to find someone to spin me some Max yarn.