Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teresa's First Christmas
We spent Christmas at Teresa's house this year, her first official Christmas living on her own after college. We drove to see Katherine and Christopher first on the 24th during the day and then drove on to the Boston area to stay the night at Teresa's house. Going to Boston from the shoreline in Connecticut via New Hampshire made for a long drive. But Art and I had a nice time visiting with family......And with each other.... since most of our day was spent together in the car. Art did all the driving, which I really appreciated. The dogs rode along in their crates in the back, content to be with us on our journey.
We spent Christmas day playing scrabble with Teresa and my sister, Anna-Ruth. We also made Christmas ornaments for Teresa's tree. I made this one, a pair of birds sitting on a branch.
This is Teresa's Christmas Sushi,
and her Christmas elephant (doesn't everyone have sushi and elephants during the holidays?)
Art was a bit more traditional.
My sister, Anna-Ruth, created this cute sleeping baby Jesus.
Christmas 2008, a nice holiday to remember.

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