Monday, August 04, 2008

Monroe's Pungent Morning

Monroe, my dear sweet squirrel chasing dog, learned early this morning that skunk chasing is a very different sport and not much fun..... She went out into the back yard just before 6 am and ran around behind a large rock near the back fence. She made some noise then came out from behind the rock from one side and a skunk came out from the other side. Little Miss Monroe and I then spent the next hour together in a lather, rinse, repeat routine. We are both very tired now. The peroxide/baking soda/soap mix got most of the smell out of Monroe's fur, but her nose leather still smells of skunk. She must have taken a hit directly to the face. I think the skin on her nose absorbed the skunk oil before I could get it washed off. The rest of her smells OK, but she will have a powerful odoriferous reminder on her nose for a while.


Patty said...

Oh no, Mavis! Monroe must have thought you didn't have enough to do:( I've done the skunk detail and porcupines as well. They sure have a tendency to break your chain of thought! I hope you hang a photo for Monroe to view--just in case the experience fades with the perfume.

Commiserating from afar,
the Vermonster

Mavis (Ravelry name madamgsd) said...

This was my first skunk detail, I can't imagine dealing with porcupine quills!!