Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kayla in Silk

Kayla is a silly and fun loving Border Collie. She was a rescue and has a special story to tell. She has an equally special place in my heart. I wanted Kayla's yarn to sparkle bright. I spun a single of Kayla's fur and plyed it with a single I spun of silk. I dyed the silk purple before plying it with Kayla's fur. Both singles were spun on my drop spindle and plyed on my Louet S10 Wheel. The two ply mixed yarn is 24 wpi at 232o yd/lb. I have 138 yards. I tied the skein of silk too tight in some places before placing it in the dye pot. The result was the silk did not dye uniformly throughout. But I like the resulting variegated look of the yarn. My mind is busy now with thoughts of what to make with Kayla's yarn as I hold it in my hands and enjoy how wonderfully soft and purple it is.

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