Monday, April 09, 2007

More Sheep and Shepherd Yarn

Eva, Starr and Stubby, three beautiful and athletic German Shepherd Dogs gave some of their dark undercoat for this yarn. I blended it with black merino wool and spun a 12 wpi 2 ply yarn. It is a wonderfully soft and beautiful yarn. I wish I could take a better photograph. But the yarn is so dark that it is difficult to get a good picture of it with my little digital camera. I have been admiring it this week and planning the mittens I am considering making from it. I have also considered a twisted tubular scarf. Much of the chiengora yarn that I spin has guard hair in it and would feel itchy if worn against your neck. This yarn is so soft that it would be a wonderful scarf. I have 260 yards, I am going to have to think about this a little longer.

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