Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Golden Yarn

Rajah and his yarn

I finished the Golden Retriever yarn. I love it when the yarn is new, all washed, measured and ready to knit. Finished projects are nice, too, but there is something magical about yarn just before the knitting begins.

The skein on the left is a blend of wool and GR fur, 50% each by weight. A 2 ply medium weight yarn, 14 wpi . I blended the fibers on a Louet Drum Carder then spun the blend Z and plyed the singles S on my Louet S10 wheel. There are 220 yards at 960 yd/lb.

On the right is a lace weight 2 ply 100% GR yarn, 26 wpi. I hand carded the fiber and spun it Z on a drop spindle then plyed S on a Louet S10 wheel. I have 420 yards at 2150 yd/lb.

I have the paw print pattern for mittens charted on knit graph paper and am ready to get started.

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