Sunday, January 21, 2007

Golden Days

This is a picture of fur I am spinning from Rajah the Golden Retriever. The rolags are 100% dog fur that I hand carded and am spinning on a drop spindle. The small ball in the center of the basket is what I have spun so far from about a dozen rolags. I am spinning the singles 'Z' and hope to make a 2 ply yarn for use in my paw print mitten pattern. In the back of the basket is a blended two ply yarn I spun earlier of Rajah's fur and wool; 50% of each fiber by weight. I carded and blended these fibers on a Louet Drum carder and then spun singles 'Z' and plyed two singles together 'S' to obtain the final yarn on a Louet S10 spinning wheel. It contains clippings from Rajah that were a bit on the short side and not ideal for spinning alone. It hasn't been washed yet, but I expect it will bloom with a fine halo once it is clean.

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