Thursday, October 02, 2014

Summer Fun and 300 K

Summer was short this year.  Last winter was long, with snow all the way in to April.  Spring was rainy and cold.  By the time it felt like summer, it was not long before the trees began to show their Autumn colors early in August.  Summer was but a brief moment somewhere between Spring and Autumn.  I love the colors of Autumn, but knowing winter is next always makes me want to hang onto summer a little longer.

It was a good Summer in many ways, even if it was short.  I looked through some of our photos from Summer and decided to share a few here as I look back on my Summer and remember the fun we had.

Teresa and Bob's wedding brought family and friends together at our house for a cookout.  We had fun playing with the yard Jenga set that Art made.

Gardening and yard work were big themes this summer.  Sadly, after the backhoe sat in our yard for 5 months with less than 5 days of actual work completed, we called off the project before it was done.  It was becoming too discouraging to try and motivate the backhoe owner to do the work.  I'm not a nag and didn't feel comfortable being one to get this job done.  Most of the tree stumps were removed (about 60 total) and a few of the rocks were also moved.  Most of the rocks, though, were not moved.  Not sure what we will do at this point.  We have an erosion issue now, and that is our current focus.  More than ever I wish I had a backhoe of my own and knew how to drive it - then I could get the job done.

In other yard news, we enjoyed eating many fresh vegetables from our garden.  We froze some of our vegetable and I learned how to can in a pressure canner.  A little scary at first, but once I got the hang of it, I looked forward to harvesting more things to can.  I canned beans and tomatoes.  I also made apple butter and apple sauce this year in addition pickling a few things - our cucumbers went wild this year.  We may have enough pickles now for two years!


This summer saw 300K on our van odometer.  We bought our van in 1999 and many good memories are connected to it.  The van still runs fine, but is showing it's age some, so we need to think about having a car payment in our near future.  I love our van and wish it could last forever.

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Tanya2 said...

Hi Mavis! Your canning looks scrumptious. I have done regular canning for years too but have yet to brave the whistling rattling pressure canner :-). Our summer seemed short too, and what there was of it seemed to go extra fast. Here's to a milder winter than last year!