Monday, July 29, 2013

As the Garden Grows

Art's garden is slowly growing.  The planting phase had a late start.  The work of building the raised beds, bringing in the dirt and putting up the electric fence was the main chore this year.  Next year we will be able to focus more on planting earlier.  But for a late start, I think Art's garden is doing wonderful!

The spring this year was very wet, and it lasted a long time.  Then suddenly summer happened and it has been unrelenting with high heat and humidity.  Luckily this past weekend the humidity took a little break on the day of the triathlon - we were all glad for that.

When not knitting silly little toys, my fiber time has been spent spinning chiengora for a friend who lost her dear heart dog, Bear, several months ago.  He was a wonderful GSD; an amazing ambassador for his breed.

On some of the very hot days I also been working a little in the cool basement on the Hammett loom, getting my first project under way.

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