Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Day of Old Cotton

A friend recently gave me a shoebox full of old cotton yarn.  It was a sweater that she had started knitting many years ago and had come to the realization that she would never finish it.  I unraveled the sweater pieces and the three unopened skeins and washed the yarn today.  It washed up nicely and is a crisp white color now.

I also brought home a new-to-me embroidery basket full of thread today.  I won it in an auction for $20 and had a lot of fun polishing the wood and going through it's contents.  Some things I threw away, but most of what I found was good quality thread that I kept.  I also kept the thimbles and some little plastic bugs I found.  I like to think the bugs were placed in the box by a mischievous grandchild hoping to cause a startle and enjoy a laugh.  In my imagination the grandmother has a good sense of humor.

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Carolyn CaroT said...

That is a lovely workbox. And the bugs are funny - I bet you're right about how they got there !