Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rain, Rain and more Rain

The rain this week has been too heavy to describe. Several road closures in our area have made travel impossible. After turning my car around 4 times Tuesday and trying alternate routes, I was finally able to get through. I sat in my car at one road closure and watched the fountain of water gushing up from a man hole opening and wondered how much more rain we could possibly handle.

Several homesowners in our neighborhood are dealing with flooding. We ended up with a little water in a part of the garage, but thankfully have no flooding to report in our home. Our neighbor, less than 50 feet away, is dealing with a flooded basement. Where we live near the shoreline in Connecticut, the rail lines have been oddly quiet. I learned that service between New York and Boston has been suspended due to flooding. Watching the damage caused by the power of so much water is surreal.

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