Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amethyst, Take-2

I finished my 2nd attempt of spinning the Amethyst roving this week. The final yarn is shown on the left in this photograph. I am pleased with this 4 ply cabled yarn, it has a smooth and dense feel and should make a nice durable pair of mittens.

The singles were spun Z twist on a drop spindle then transferred to Louet bobbins. Two singles were plied S twist on my Louet S10 wheel and then plied again Z twist for the final 4 ply cabled yarn. I spun a total of 490 yards of the final yarn at 1010 yd/lb and 12 wpi.

I have had troubles with preparing cabled yarn in the past and am happy to have obtained this balanced result. I did have to add more spin to the 2 ply intermediates by running them thru my Louet wheel a second time so that they would ply together nicely. As always, it's an experiment in learning about hand spinning - with nice results this time. I'm taking a moment to enjoy the nice feeling of accomplishment.....then onto the Chameleon colorworks roving!!

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