Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scene of the Crime

I have been spending time looking at photos and remembering some of the fun times spent with my family. I think I am getting really sentimental in my old age. I smile when ever I see pictures of Christopher's chalk drawings of our family. We have a lot of fun drawing with sidewalk chalk with Christopher when the weather is good. One of the things that Christopher enjoys is tracing everyone and then coloring in the outlines. The last time he was here we took turns tracing each other and laughing at the silly clothes we could draw on each person. The driveway was full of body outlines when we were done, thank heavens Christopher made sure to color in each one - otherwise it would have looked like a terrible crime scene. Seeing the drawings gave me happy memories every time I went outside for several days. I was sad the day it rained and washed away the drawings on my drive way. I guess it's time for another Christopher fix as Art calls it. I wished everyone lived closer so we would see each other more often.

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