Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trying something new

I am learning to spin organic cotton on an acorn support spindle. Or at least that's my plan. After spinning chiengora for several years, I thought I could handle the short staple of cotton. I am hoping I am still right about being able to do this, but I am definitely wrong that cotton spins at all like dog fur. The drafting method is very different for me, and quite a challenge I will add. So far I have learned I can't spin cotton on my Louet s10 wheel, no matter how much I lubricate the wheel. There is too much pull from the wheel and the cotton falls apart in my hands before I can get enough twist into it. I have always wanted a book charkha, and maybe someday I'll get one. From the videos I have watched that looks like the best way to spin cotton. But on my present budget, I am committed to trying the tools I already have. The support spindle has been a challenge for me in the past, and I have left it behind on more than one occasion and returned to my wheel or my favorite drop spindle. Those options didn't work this time. So I will keep at it and attempt to master this little acorn. I hope the one handed drafting skill I am learning with the cotton will be useful when the Great Wheel comes home. Maybe I can try spinning the cotton on the great wheel? I have seen a video or two of cotton spinning on spindle wheels. The Great Wheel is considered a spindle wheel and isn't a charkha a spindle wheel also? So much fiber, so much to learn, so much fun.


glenda said...

very interesting. Hope you post your reactions and end product!!

Mavis said...

thanks Glenda, my big plans are for a sweater for my grandson, but one twist at a time for now, this is a slow process for me