Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogs and matching tile

A few years ago Art and I installed floor tile in our kitchen. It was one of those projects that you think will take a week or two.....but several weeks later you are still working on it wondering why you thought this "do-it-yourself" project was a good idea....

Well, we got the project done and are still married (the real success part of the story for this project). Every time I used the wet saw to cut a tile I worried about not being able to knit if I lost my fingers. I will admit that I love the finished floor. So much nicer than the white tile that we had before. And to this day I smile when I see how it matches perfectly with the color of my dogs. That wasn't my intent when choosing the tile and I didn't notice the perfect match until the project was complete. I guess these are just my favorite colors; that makes perfect sense when I think about it.

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