Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Scarf from Boone

A friendly and outgoing Flatcoat Retriever, Boone, shared some of his fur for this silk and chiengora scarf. I spun the 2 ply mixed yarn for the scarf on my Louet s10 wheel. The yarn was dyed in my crock pot with Easter egg dye in a vinegar bath. I was going for a deeper blue, but love the resulting blue-green that came out of the pot. The scarf is knit in a simple knit and purl pattern giving it a nice a diagonal texture. The fringe is made from black pearl cotton with black glass beads tied on the ends of the tassels for added weight and sparkle.


Stacey said...

what a neat idea to spin some of your dog's hair into the yarn! I may just have to get my sister to do that! (doesn't Karen take the best pictures!)

Stacey said...

PS - I tried to email you back from the comment you left me, but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable!