Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Sweater Fits

Teresa's sweater wasn't quite perfect on Christmas morning. The one button front closure just wasn't working out. It created an uncomplimentary sag in the front of the sweater. Today I sewed the front of the sweater shut, turning it into a pullover, and added another button to help hold both sides of the sweater in place. Teresa and I are both happy with the results, so all is well in my world of home made holiday gifts. I took a picture of Teresa this evening wearing her sweater. It is dusk outside, so the true color of the yarn is not captured in the photo, but the smile on Teresa's face is real, and that is what matters most.

I had enough yarn left over after the sweater to make a pair of felted slippers. I used a pattern I found on line from Knitting at Knoon, adding some eyelash yarn I had to the cuff.
The slippers on the right in the photo are Teresa's. The picture was taken in the late morning and is a more accurate representation of the yarn color. The slippers were fun to knit and worked up quickly, so I made another pair from some pink yarn that I had from Brown Sheep Co. for my daughter, Katherine (her slippers are shown on the left in the photo). Katherine and Christopher are coming tomorrow to visit for the weekend and I can give her the slippers then.


Teresa said...

that is an AWESOME sweater!

Katherine said...

The best pair of slippers a girl could ever have, they are very warm,even here in NH. Thank You mom.