Monday, November 13, 2006

Felted Doggie Bag

Here is a picture of my knitted and felted 'doggie bag'. It is a pattern that I created about a year ago. I have made several of these bags since then, but this one is kind of special because it is the only one that I have made with dog fur other than German Shepherd. I used Siberian Husky for this bag and blended it with blue wool before spining it into a 2 ply yarn (11 wpi). The wool fleece was white originally, but I dyed it blue in a vinegar bath in my crock pot with Raspberry Ice Blue Kool Aid. The white halo of the bag is from the natural dog hair and the blue color of the bag comes from the dyed wool. I liked the idea of an artic theme for this bag from the ice blue wool which seemed perfect for the Siberian Husky dog fur. I felted the bag in my washing machine.

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