Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Short-Long Winter

We had a lot of snow this winter and there were days I thought it would never end. But soon it will be spring and the world is showing signs of waking up to the warmth of the sunshine that has begun to appear more frequently in the sky.  A year has passed me standing still lost in time.

Monroe and I went walking often at the beach this winter. Some days were almost too cold for us, but many days we enjoyed the freezing solitude of the icy beach. We did meet a few other dogs out walking their people now and then, but mostly we walked alone on the sand. The weather was too hostile a few times and on those days we stayed home and watched through the window as the ice fell sideways from the sky. Monroe is a patient dog and willing to allow me all the time I need to quietly think. On warmer days we sat at the beach and watched as Mother Nature pulled and pushed the freezing water out to sea. I marveled at the sea gulls that could survive such harsh conditions.

I miss my dear Shasta and often feel his presence near me.  The day I saw his shadow in the snow I forgot for a moment he was gone – I turned to look at him only to be reminded again that I am here on earth and he is not.

For a little while in February, Monroe and I enjoyed the company of working guide dog named Cobalt who stayed with us while his people were away. 

Initially Monroe had a very snarky WTF attitude about having company, but eventually she settled down and enjoyed having some canine companionship.  She and Cobalt spent many hours together chewing on antlers.

I have decided Monroe is a social chewer – if there is such a thing.  She hadn't shown any interest in chewing on her antlers in a long time.  She enjoyed chewing them every day for long periods of time though, while Cobalt was here.  After Cobalt went home to his family, Monroe gave up chewing again.  The antlers continue to lie around on the floor untouched.  I leave them there hoping Monroe will take an interest in them again.  But so far, nothing.

During Cobalt's visit, Monroe taught him how to bark out the front window with style – not the best thing to teach our well mannered guest, but he seemed happy to be doing what ever Monroe was doing.  I think Monroe is a little lonely with out her barking buddy now.

The cold Nor' Eastern weather meant cooking warm foods and I made some Chicken Pot Pies one day this winter.  It  made me hungry for more, so I made them a few times again before the winter was over.  It was my comfort food

I also spent some time studying for the clinical chemistry board exam this winter; I passed it in March.  It was a tough exam, but I scored high enough to pass, so I am happy.  Not sure what I will do now; haven’t completely figured out my next life chapter.  But it is a good feeling to have completed this goal.

Monroe and I had a good winter all in all.  Though I really don't know where it went.  Monroe is a sweet dog with a quirky personality. She is happy to hang out and watch me do whatever I choose to do and for that I am grateful. I am glad she is with me today, and I  love her. 

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