Friday, May 08, 2009

Something smells funny.....

Shasta doesn't think he likes my text books. He has a good reason. I will be spending more time with the books and less time with the dogs this summer. I will be spending less time with most of the world this summer as I attempt to prepare for the ASCP chemistry certification exam early next year. While this is a good opportunity for me to prepare for my eventual return to work, I admit I feel somewhat saddened as I make this commitment and accept the changes it will bring to my everyday life. I have been very fortunate these past several years to have spent most of every day with my dogs. The canine world is such a great place to be. Fun, forgiveness, and freedom are what the dogs are all about, and there are no clocks to watch - the only time that maters is NOW. Good lessons to hold on to as I transition to the world of structured schedules and analytical exactness.

Shasta and Monroe will have some quiet time this summer. We have had a great time with the tracking/trailing training this year and may return to it in the future. Shasta has successfully worked trails up to 1.3 miles long and aged trails up to 36 hours old, he is amazing. Monroe is amazing, too, though her training is somewhat behind Shasta's due to the time she spent resting and recuperating this winter. She has shown good focus and drive though, and I am very pleased with her work, too.
We have participated in a few water search training sessions this year, too. Divers with hot dogs that pop up out of the water are a magical thing when you are a dog. It's a lot of fun for the humans, too.

Eunice's Great Wheel came home last month from it's winter in Dave Paul's repair shop. It has been very fun learning how to spin on it. At first it was a struggle, but once I relaxed and let the fiber and wheel find the their own rhythm, I ended up LOVING this method of spinning. I'm thinking I'd like to take the wheel outside and spin some yarn in the sunshine this summer. I am planning to send my first yarn to Eunice's daughter as a thank you for giving me this wheel, it's an amazing treasure and tangible remembrance of my dear friend.

So, as always, the world of dogs and fiber gives me the happiness and energy to take on everything else. I am so lucky to have a life filled with such great stuff.

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